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Enzyme activation suppliers committed to safety and reliability.

The complete release of the essence of noni fruit

Product Name:The Noni enzyme essence liquid:

Through the dedicated R&D and innovation, Pearly Fruit Biotech Inc. that offers a full range of products has received the R.O.C. Excellent Food Award-Golden Award, the National Quality Awards, the Fine Manufacturer at the Taipei International Vegetarian & Organic Food Festival, and the First Brand Award of the Republic of China Fine Manufacturer Association, and has won the public recognition and attention.

In technical cooperation with the Institute of Food Science, Tunghai University, a domestic expert of noni.

We adhere to refining the noni fermentation enzymes during the best fermentation period.

The Noni enzyme essence liquid is a vegan food.
It is not from fruit powder concentrates, and no water is added!

Natural and authentic and without additives

Package:600ml / green glass bottle / box

7.5 cm x 7.5 cm  x 30 cm
Ingredients:100% Noni fruit fermented liquid

Directions for consumption:

Consume twice daily, consume 10-20cc each time. For best results, consume on an empty stomach.
For better taste, refrigerate after opening. Consume within two months

First, let the juice stay in the sublingual area (under the tongue) for about 5 seconds to allow it to mix with the saliva. Then, let the noni juice slowly go down the throat.

Drink water (5 times the juice intake) to help the body perform enzymatic action. 


Avoid direct sunlight , Keep in cool dry place. Keep refrigerated after opened.

After opening, drinking up in 2 months.

This product through strict quality control, such as purchase and found flaws (for delivery, display, save, process and cause product damage), please contact the customer service line replacement

Those who are on medication, breastfeeding women, pregnant women,child,and those with special physical constitutions, please contact a doctor, and consume the product by doctor’s instructions.

This product includes a variety of natural Juice, contains natural pectins and composition, if there is a deposited or color changes, are natural phenomena. And taste with the harvesting season, will slightly change, make safe drinking

Manufactured by:cGMP Long Shine Biopharma Co.,Ltd.
Factory address:722  No.115-1, Jiafu Vil., Jiali Township, Tainan County ,Taiwan.
Factory registration number:99-658188-01
Expiration : 3 years
Request manufacturer:Pearly Fruit Biotech , Inc.
Address:236  3F., No.140, Sec. 2, Zhongyang Rd., Tucheng City, Taipei County ,Taiwan
Customer Service TEL:+886-2-82613002
Customer Service Email:service@pfb.com.tw

◎This Product test by SGS & Germany of TUV Rheinland AIMEX Ltd. in Taiwan:Without pesticides, medicine, or heavy metals.

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