【Pearly Fruit】7 St-Acid Highly Active SOD Metabolism Capsules

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Key Features

Exclusive high active material production technology  

Vegan food


Former Dean of Agriculture College, Tunghai University

Cooperation with the Institute of Food Science, Tunghai University

Healthy effects of raw material was confirmed by animal tests through a third institute.

Forestry Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Technology Transfer

Patent "dry and low temperature ultrafine grinding technology" to enhance efficiency of body



}  Reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood effectively

}  Reduce the recurrence of Gout

}  Reduce patients with hyperuricemia induced related chronic diseases

                      Suitable For

}  Patients with hyperuricemia

}  Patients who suffer from gout

}  Addicted to eating seafood and vegetarian bean products 

}  Alcohol addiction people


Product Features

}  Currently the only product aim to alkaline constitution for reducing uric acid and preventing gout

}  The Development Center for Biotechnology proved that the efficacy is better than uricosuric drugs “Benzbromarone”

}  SOD enzyme superoxide dismutase the content is up to 800 million / kg (number one in the industry)

}  Vegan food




Package500mg/90 Capsules / Box

IngredientsMorinda Citrifolia extract powder (Containing highly active SOD, Scopoletin, flavonoids, polyphenols, polysaccharides), β-Cyclodextrins, Magnesium Stearate


Directions for consumption

l   3 times per day, per 1 Capsule, with water consumption, according to personal weight or condition, the amount of increase or decrease

l   For better taste, refrigerate after opening.



l   Avoid direct sunlight, keep in cool dry place. The product contains no additives. Keep in refrigerator after opening.

l   After opening, drinking up in 2 months.

l   This product through strict quality control, such as purchase and found flaws (for delivery, display, save, process and cause product damage), please contact the customer service line replacement.

Rich in amino acids, plant fiber, pectin, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, and other trace minerals needed for maintain your vitality, the product helps you to defecate smoothly, easily fall asleep, and bring out the radiance in you!



l   Those who are on medication, pregnant women, and those with special physical constitutions, please contact a doctor, and consume the product by doctor’s instructions.

l   The product contains a natural Noni juice, as well as pectin and other natural ingredients. Discoloration is natural phenomena.

Expiration : 3 years


Per 1g ingredient


14850  umole Trolox equivalent  / g


880,000  Unit /g

Total Polyphenol

11.4  mg /g


6.2  mg /g


13 mg /g


0.9 mg /g


0.9 mg /g

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