【Pearly Fruit】 Noni Kang Concentrate Complex Juice

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    Good for Whitening, anti-aging

    Key Features

    Pearly Fruit Noni KangTM Concentrate Complex Juice

    • The R&D with Tunghai University in Taiwan
    • Ripe noni fruit is especially selected in Taiwan

         All nature in the best fermentation period of noni

    Product Name:Pearly Fruit Noni KangTM Concentrate Complex Juice

    IngredientsWater, Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) juice concentrateApple juice concentrate, Red grape juice concentrate, Cranberry juice concentrate, Raspberry juice concentrate, Strawberry juice concentrate

    Package600ml / bottle / box


    l   With high antioxidant that keep us young and energetic

    l   Supplement more than 150 kinds of nutrient elements

    l   Carefully selected noni, cranberry, raspberry, red grapes, apple juice, strawberries. Good for whitening , anti-aging and good sleep

    l   Scopoletin content is 800 times pineapple to improve metabolism


    Noni Important Features 

    }  With nearly 100% antioxidant ability

    Effectrepair damaged cells and clear cell toxins to keep us young and energetic

    }  With nearly 100% ability to remove Free Radicals

    Effectprevent cancer

    }  With high Polysaccharide content
    Efficacy: improve immunity

    }  Scopoletin content is 800 times pineapple
    Efficacy: promote metabolism

    Directions for consumption:

    •  once or twice daily, consume 30cc each time.
    • For better taste, refrigerate after opening. 
    • First, let the juice stay in the sublingual area (under the tongue) for about 5 seconds to allow it to mix with the saliva. Then, let the noni juice slowly go down the throat.
    • Dilute in warm water (three times the juice), or consume directly.

    • Avoid direct sunlight , Keep in cool dry place. The product contains no additives.Keep refrigerated after opened.
    • After opening, drinking up in 2 months.
    • This product through strict quality control, such as purchase and found flaws (for delivery, display, save, process and cause product damage), please contact the customer service line replacement

    • Those who are on medication, pregnant women, and those with special physical constitutions, please contact a doctor, and consume the product by doctor’s instructions.
    • The product contains a variety of natural juices, as well as pectin and other natural ingredients. Precipitation or discoloration is natural phenomena. The flavor and taste also slightly vary depending on the season of harvest.make safe drinking

    Expiration : 3 years 
    Request manufacturer:Pearly Fruit Biotech , Inc.
    Address:3F., No.28, Chengtian Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan.
    Customer Service TEL:+886-2-2268-9998
    Customer Service Email:service@pfb.com.tw   
    • This Product test by Germany of TUV Rheinland AIMEX Ltd. in Taiwan:Nutrition Facts、No pesticides、No medicine 、No 251 pesticides、No heavy metals

      原汁含有率  Juice content

      諾麗果汁 Noni juice

      90 %

      蘋 果 汁 Apple juice

      6 %

      紅葡萄汁 Red grape juice

      2 %

      蔓越莓汁 Cranberry juice

      1 %

      覆盆莓汁 Raspberry juice

      0.5 %

      草 莓 汁 Strawberry juice

      0.5 %

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