Your Noni SOD-Like Pineapple Fermented Concentrated powder

  • Model No.:4713072710420
  • Certification:HACCP ,TUV ,ISO22000:2005
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Form:Powder

Key Features

Noni Juice Powder,Noni Juice Supplier & Wholesale- PEARLY FRUIT BIOTECH INC. | Taiwantrade.com

A leading noni juice supplier. Noni juice powder and noni powder are our popular products in the food service industry. Other main products are SOD-Like juice, enzyme juice, enzyme powder, SOD-Like powder, fermented juice, etc.

Your Noni SOD-LikePineapple Fermented Concentrated powder



  • The R&D with Tunghai University in Taiwan                  
  • Patent for sugar-free fermentation technology                            
  • Forestry Research Institute authorize Cultivation technology

The product manufacturedby Noni patent(Taiwan patent NO. I 448251) and process natural Pineapple and Nonifermentation, use vacuum low temperature Freeze-drying concentrated procedureto keep high SOD-Like activities and make sure all the fermented powder is inthe best flavor. Not added Spices, artificial colors, artificial preservativesor any sugar. SOD-Like Activity is up to 320,000 unit / pack.



Capacity: 3 g / 30 pcaks / box

IngredientsPineapple, MorindaCitrifolia (Noni) fermented concentrated powder, and Maltodextrin

Recommended daily use:

After a meal, 1 pack daily, or adjust theamount according to personal physical condition. Consume directly or diluted with100 ml cold water for drinking. For better taste, refrigerate beforedrinking, shake well before drinking.


StoragePlease putin the cool and dry place, avoid wet, high temperature and sunshine.

NoticeThe product containsfruits, pectin and other natural ingredients. Precipitation or discoloration is natural phenomena.Depend on the season of harvest, the flavor will vary slightly. Make safe eating.


Shelf life2 years   

Main Export Market


Product Certification:

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