Your Noni SOD-Like Pineapple Fermented Concentrated Powder

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Your Noni SOD-Like Pineapple Fermented Concentrated Powder

Thisproduct used Noni patented production technology (Invention patent No. I448251.). Then liquid fermented with natural fruits and vegetables. We uselow-temperature vacuum concentrated process. Therefore it tasted wonderful withhigh activity SOD-Like. Every drop of liquid fermented from natural fruits andvegetables.

l   Vegan food.

l   Without sugar, spices, pigment, and preservative.

l   High activity fermented essence.

l   Small molecule absorbed quickly.

l   Easy to carry.

l   One pack per day maintain gastrointestinal function.

l   Help digestion, adjust physiological functions, promotemetabolism.

l   Patented fermentation technology. SOD-Like activity is0.32 million unit/ pcak.


Ingredients】:Fruits fermented concentrated powder ( Pineapple, Morinda Citrifolia(Noni), and Maltodextrin )

Capacity】:3 g / 30 pcaks / box

Shelf life】:2 years at room temperature

Directions】:After a meal, 1 pack daily, or adjust the amount according to personalphysical condition. Consume directly or diluted with 100 ml cold water fordrinking. For better taste, refrigerate before drinking, shake well beforedrinking.

Storage】:Please put in the cool and dry place, avoid wet, high temperatureand sunshine.

Notice】:The product contains fruits, pectin and other natural ingredients.Precipitation or discoloration is natural phenomena. Depend on the season ofharvest, the flavor will vary slightly. Make safe eating.

Made in】:Taiwan 

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