【Pearly Fruit】 Noni Enzyme Essence Juice

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    Over 150 nutrional elements !


    • Height(cm):30
    • Height(cm):30
    • Length(cm):7.5
    • Length(cm):7.5
    • Weight(kg):1.04
    • Weight(kg):1.04
    • Width(cm):7.5
    • Width(cm):7.5

    Key Features

    Pearly Fruit Noni Enzyme Essence Juice   

    Vegan food

    Complete release of the essence of Noni fruit

    < < The R&D with Tunghai University in Taiwan > >

    < < Ripe Noni fruit is especially selected in Taiwan > >

    < < All nature in the best fermentation period of Noni > >

    Package:600ML / bottle / box

    Ingredients:100% NONI (Morinda Citrifolia) fermented juice

    • SOD enzyme activity is number one in the industry, up to 52000000 Unit / KG, ultra-high antioxidants, so that you can keep young and beautiful.
    • 150 variety of nutrients and rich polysaccharides, let you feel energetic.
    • Noni with nearly 100% antioxidant ability to repair damaged cells, clear cell toxins, prevent cancer.
    • Rich in amino acids, plant fiber, pectin, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, selenium, and other trace minerals needed for maintain your vitality, the product helps you to defecate smoothly, easily fall asleep, and bring out the radiance in you!

    Directions for consumption:

    • Consume once daily, 20c.c each time, according to personal fitness and response, increase dosage appropriately.
    • For better taste, refrigerate after opening.
    • Dilute in five times warm water (or other juice), or consume directly. 


    • Avoid direct sunlight, keep in cool dry place. The product contains no additives. Keep in refrigerator after opening. After opening, drinking up in 2 months.


    • Those who are on medication, pregnant women, and those with special physical constitutions, please contact a doctor, and consume the product by doctor’s instructions.
    • The product contains a natural Noni juice, as well as pectin and other natural ingredients. Precipitation or discoloration is natural phenomena. The flavor and taste also slightly vary depending on the season of harvest. Make safe drinking

    Expiration : 3 years

    Request manufacturer:Pearly Fruit Biotech , Inc.

    Customer Service Email:service@pfb.com.tw  


    ◎This Product test by Germany of TUV Rheinland AIMEX Ltd. in Taiwan:

    Nutrition Facts, SOD Enzyme, No heavy metals, No 202 pesticides.

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