SOD-Like Blueberry Fermented Concentrate powder

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    SOD-Like Blueberry Fermented Concentrate powder

    Blueberry and Noni Fermented extract concentrated essence powder

    (Suitable for drinks compound,regulate physiological functions, and protect eyes)

    • Technical cooperation with Department of Food Science, Tunghai University
    • Technology Transfer authorized by the Council of Agriculture Forestry Research.
    • R & D Director: Dr. Tsai Tsung Chung -Former Dean of Agriculture College, Tunghai University.
    • Pearly FruitBiotech through our fermentationproduction technology, wesuccessfully developedthe highest SOD-Like activity in the world. Get inventionpatentI 448251.
    • The Noni raw materials, the animal experiments confirmed that can lower blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, lowering uric acid, lowering blood lipids, and promote metabolism.


    【Ingredient】Blueberry Integrated fermented concentrated powder (Blueberry, Noni, and Maltodextrin)

    【Capacity】5 KG / Aluminum foil bag

    【Directions of Use】2~3g, daily once after a meal with 100ml water

    【Method of Storage】The product contains no additives. Keep in refrigerator after opening. Avoid direct sunlight, keep in cool dry place.

    【Validity】2 years under unopened refrigerated condition.

    【Notice】The product contains natural ingredients. Discoloration is normal phenomena. The quality is not affected. Make safe taking.

    【Place of origin】Taiwan





    Total Scopoletin

    5,700 μg / 100 g

    Test by Tunghai University


    1.30×107 unit / 100 g

    Test by TUV

    Total anthocyanin

    172.19 mg / 100 g

    Test by TUV


    2,334 mg / 100 g

    Test by Tunghai University


    4,268 mg / 100 g

    Test by Tunghai University


    1,500 mg / 100 g

    Test by Tunghai University

    The Flavonoid

    130 mg / 100 g

    Test by Tunghai University


    20,000 μg / 100 g

    Test by Tunghai University


    The list data will vary in different seasons of the raw material production batch number, storage location, time, temperature and other factors, so this table is for reference .

    The raw materials particularly assigned the German TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Branch for product testing: the activity test. Check quality strictly. Make safe taking.



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