SOD-Like Turmeric Fermented Concentrate Liquid

  • Model No.:A10065
  • Certification:TUV
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Form:Liquid

Key Features

【Raw materials-29】A10065
SOD-Like Turmeric Fermented Concentrate Liquid         Vegan food

Lecithin coated: to protect the active ingredient, can be resistant to gastric acid, choline.
Contains black piperine extract: can enhance the absorption of Turmeric, up to 20 times.
Patent No sugar fermentation technology: Invention No. I 448251, small molecules, good absorption.

Turmeric contains curcumin as a polyphenolic compound, with a considerable degree of anti-inflammatory effect, it also has blood circulation function, the cardiovascular benefit is also a lot, so be listed as longevity food. Curcumin has confirmed that it can prevent cancer, has the effect of stopping the division of cancer cells, can trigger cancer cell apoptosis, and can anti-inflammatory, help to improve arthritis, inhibit lipid peroxidation, anti-atherosclerosis effect, inhibition Hepatitis virus, delay liver fibrosis, prevent cirrhosis, inhibit DNA abnormal hyperplasia. Curcumin also interacts with heavy metals such as lead and cadmium to reduce the neurotoxicity of heavy metals to the body. WHO study pointed out that the intake of curcumin a day, the proposed weight per kilogram of body weight to use 0 ~ 3 mg to calculate. In the safety considerations, the proposed daily intake of 200 mg or less.

【Ingredient】Water, pineapple, peach, lemon, noni , lecithin, turmeric extract, xanthan gum, black pepper extract
【Capacity】30kg / HDPE plastic barrel
【Directions of Use】Once a day, 50 mL after meals, with 200 ml of water
【Method of Storage】The product contains no additives. Keep in refrigerator after opening. Avoid direct sunlight,keep in cool and dry place.
【Validity】2 years under unopened refrigerated condition.
【Notice】The product contains natural ingredients. Discoloration is normal phenomena. The quality is not affected. Kidney disease, gastric ulcer, biliary obstruction those are not suitable to eat turmeric.Turmeric are able to stimulate, excited the role of the uterus, women pregnant, please avoid taking. This product contains piperine,the patient, special physical or disease are please contact the doctor before taking.





  400mg / 100 mL

Test by Tunghai University


  784,800,000 U / 100 ml

Test by Tunghai University


  351 mg / 100 ml

Test by Tunghai University


  328 mg / 100 ml

Test by Tunghai University


  464 mg / 100 ml

Test by Tunghai University

The Flavonoid

  231 mg / 100 ml

Test by Tunghai University



PH Meter



Brix Meter

specific gravity



The list data will vary in different seasons of the raw material production batch number, storage location, time, temperature and other factors, so this table is for reference .

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